We’re COVID Safe




Hanrob Pet Hotels is a COVID Safe workplace and we have implemented precautionary measures; backed by a safety plan, and in line with recommendations from government health authorities. We’re all in this together, so let’s all do our part to get through these challenging times.


Contactless Check-In

We encourage all visitors to check-in when visiting at our hotels. If you are on premise for longer than 15 minutes, it is mandatory to check-in using our contactless QR code.

QR codes are located at the front of receptions. Simply scan the QR code using your smartphone camera and complete the details requested. The information recorded is strictly confidential and only shared with the NSW Health Authority in the event of exposure.

To ensure the safety of our staff, we have implemented contactless QR code registry, whereby we record staff temperature checks daily.


PPE Policy

In line with NSW Health advice, all visitors must wear a mask upon entering our hotel premise. Whilst it is at your discretion to wear a mask in our Victoria and Queensland hotels, we recommend that you wear a mask to help protect our communities.

All staff; whether on or off facility, are required to wear masks throughout their shifts to ensure they are kept safe.


Hygiene and Cleaning Policy

Hand sanitiser can be located at all our hotels, please ensure you sanitise on arrival and departure. Whilst we have always maintained a standard cleaning procedure, we have increased the frequency of cleaning for medium to high traffic areas and touchpoints. Please support our efforts by maintaining clean hand hygiene.

All our cleaning supplies are certified medical grade disinfectants ensuring we keep a clean and secure premise for all guests and staff throughout.


Social Distance Policy

We maintain safe social distancing on premise, providing visible markings on the floor. Please ensure you practice social distancing to ensure the safety of all staff and guests while on premise. We also maintain a one-in-one-out guest policy to ensure we avoid overcrowding in hotel receptions.

Our staff always maintain safe social distancing, including restriction to capacity in each building/room throughout hotel facilities, and eliminating direct contact between departmental teams.

All of our COVID-19 policies have been implemented to ensure we reduce any community transmission, and to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy and safe environment.



What to do if you aren’t feeling well?

If you are experiencing even the mildest of symptoms, please do not visit our hotel. We ask that you immediately get tested and isolate. If your pet is due to arrive at our facility, please call our team on 1300 426 762 and we can accommodate for your situation by offering our contactless pick-up and drop off for your pet/s.*

*Transport will be charged at a cost in each direction from our facility.