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Welcome to Hanrob Pet Transport – where pet travel meets unparalleled care and expertise. With over 40 years of unwavering commitment, we go the extra step in providing your beloved pets with a travel experience filled with the love and care they deserve.

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Interstate Pet Transport

Reliable interstate dog and cat transport services, ensuring safe and stress-free journeys for your furry companions to destinations across Australia.


  • Reduced Time in Crates
  • Pet Play at Hanrob Facilities
  • Climate Controlled Vehicles
  • Dedicated Pet Concierge
  • Regular SMS updates





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International Pet Transport

Explore worry-free international dog and cat transport services, connecting your pets to almost any destination worldwide.


  • Reduced Time in Crates
  • Pet Play at Hanrob Facilities
  • Climate Controlled Vehicles
  • Dedicated Pet Concierge
  • Regular SMS updates





An Unbeatble Pet Journey

Australia’s Largest Pet-care company: Hanrob’s expansive network allows us to provide your pets with that extra love and care they deserve throughout their journey.


Reducing time in crates: Our state-of-the-art pet care facilities at airports offer your furry companions the chance to run and play in our yards before and after their travel.


Extensive Vet Network: Hanrob’s extensive network of vets and pet care facilities prioritises your pet’s health and well-being during every step of their journey.


Real-Time SMS Updates: Stay informed with real-time SMS updates on your pet’s journey, providing peace of mind and a sense of connection.


Comfortable Travel Quarters: Our comfortable and secure travel quarters ensure your pet’s safety and comfort throughout the entire journey.


40 Years of Trust: Trusted by thousands of pets every year, our 40 years of experience speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and reliability.

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Trusted by 1000's of Pet Lovers'...

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Hanrob Pet Transport! My fur babies arrived to my house safe and sound. So impressed with the service from beginning to end.”

Adelaide - Sydney


"Hats off to Hanrob! I travel a lot for work and have never used Hanrob's dog freight, although they showed much more professionalism than any other company I have used in the past."

Sydney - Perth


"Hanrob's communication was fantastic and Spencer came home so happy. Look forward to using them again. The team are very good and Angelina is the best."



"Yep, these guys are awesome! They safely transported my little guys, Stella and Ciccio. The best pet transport company in Australia!"



"We have a really anxious dog and the staff did amazing minimising her stress. I will be using you guys again. Thanks!"

Cairns - Brisbane


How Pet Travel Works…

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Contact Us for a Quote


Your pets journey begins by contacting us for a quote and speaking with our friendly pet travel experts.


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Starting the Journey


When the travel day comes, your pet will travel to Hanrob’s nearest airport facility where they will get to stretch their legs before the journey ahead.


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Safe and Comfortable Trip


Once your pet is ready for their journey, their dedicated pet concierge will help them settle into their climate controlled and comfortable sleeping quarters.


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Arriving Safe and Sound


After a comfortable trip, your pet will arrive safely at their destination where they will be reunited with you and their family.


The Hanrob Difference

Reducing Stress in Pets

At Hanrob Pet Transport, we prioritise your pet’s well-being by minimising stress during travel. Unlike traditional methods, our approach allows for less time in crates and more time spent playing and exploring in our state-of-the-art airport facilities, ensuring a positive and comfortable journey for your furry companions.


  • Less time in crates and transit
  • More time playing and exploring Hanrob’s airport play yards

Giving Pet Owners Peace of Mind

We provide pet owners with peace of mind by entrusting their beloved pets to a team of dedicated professionals. Our real-time SMS updates further ensure a sense of connection and transparency throughout the entire journey, allowing owners to stay informed and reassured about their pet’s well-being every step of the way.


  • Expert pet lovers to care for your pet
  • Regular SMS updates throughout the journey

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Click here to see our FAQ’s, or contact one of our friendly staff members…



Pet Transport FAQ’s:

What kind of pet transport options does Hanrob offer?

At Hanrob, we offer a variety of different pet transport options for your fur baby. Our pet transport services can be divided into different categories, and we also provide specialised services for puppies and kittens who may not be used to travelling.

  • Pet transport for dogs and cats by road
  • Pet transport for dogs and cats by air
  • Pet transport for puppies and kittens
  • Pet Taxi’s and Shuttles for local transport


Does my pet need to be sedated during transport?

No. The professional team of pet movers at Hanrob will do everything possible to keep your pet calm and happy without having to use any kinds of sedatives.


Will my pet be fed before or during transport?

The pet movers team will always ensure that your pet has access to fresh drinking water before and during transport. When it comes to pet transport, it’s not recommended to give your pet food within a few hours before their journey, as it can cause an upset stomach. For pets travelling by road, frequent comfort stops can be made depending on the length of the trip.


How do I know my pet will be comfortable while being transported?

We understand that transporting your dog or cat from one place to another can be stressful and that you will be worried about them. However, the health, safety and wellbeing of your pet is our pet welfare team’s number one priority. If challenges do arise, our staff are more than capable of adapting and responding to them to make sure your pet remains calm, happy and comfortable.


Why Hanrob Pet Transport?

With over 40 years experience, our Pet Transport is now the leading pet transport company for a reason! Hanrob has state of the art facilities, vehicles, and staff to be able care for your pet properly and ensure they are safe and comfortable. We also minimise your pets time in crates by allowing your pet to run and play at one of our Hanrob facilities during transit. Our team will fully manage your pets jounrney from end to end and update you when required!



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