Dog Stay N' Train

Our most popular Dog Training program!



What is Stay and Train?

Stay N’ Train is a program where your dog will stay with us over a period of time and participate in daily training and enrichment activities to address your dogs behavioural issues. The Stay N’ Train program was designed by industry professionals to offer the best results for our customers, while giving your furry friend a memorable stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels. With proven results, this dog training program will give you a happier and more obedient dog in just days!

Areas that can be addressed

  • Basic obedience – commands such as sit and stay
  • Recall training – response and return
  • Leave it commands – response to ‘stop’
  • Polite manners – jumping up and pulling on clothing
  • Reactive behaviour – teach positive socialisation skills
  • Reconditioning – introducing new environmental situations
  • Lead and walk – walking with no pulling or distractions
  • Anxiety – addressing issues with separation or feeling overwhelmed
  • Aggression – towards humans or dogs
  • Fear – from people or dogs


Any issues such as barking in the home, toilet training, or anything to do with the home environment cannot be addressed in our Stay N’ Train program. Please see our Home Dog Training course for more information.


This course includes training and boarding at our facility and is the ultimate comprehensive training package for dogs seeking significant improvement in multiple behavioural areas.


  • Training and boarding at Hanrob (14, 21, or 28 days)
  • Premium Dog accommodation
  • Progress reports throughout their stay
  • A 60-minute departure lesson
  • A complimentary bath and blow-dry upon departure
  • A 10% discount for an additional home or off-site lesson (60 minutes)


A better dog is just days away!

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“We were completely informed during Thor’s stay with phone calls, photos and videos nearly every day,” says Crystal. “Helen achieved so much in the time he was there, he has come home a completely different dog. He plays with Loki (miniature dachshund) and reacts better to people and other dogs. We wanted Thor to come back as the dog he used to be before the incident and he certainly has. His loving self is back.”

“We were given things to continue to do at home during the departure lesson, with a book to guide us through. Plus, having day refresher sessions available to us is a massive help.”

- Crystal

“I put my 1 year old human and dog reactive German Shepherd in for the 30 day stay and train and he came back absolutely amazing, when I had dropped him off he was acting very aggressive to the trainer Terri, she had full confidence handling him and reassured my that she will help him to the best of her abilities.

I had regular updates and was even able to call when I wanted to check on my boy, I was sent photos, videos and received numerous calls and text messages with his progress.

On the final day I went to pick up my dog and he had surpassed all expectations that I had, the love, trust and respect he showed to Terri was amazing considering how he was acting on the first day. My boy now has a trainer for life.

I 110% recommend Terri and the crew at Hanrob, originally I had my doubts as I had never done anything like this before but they proved to be fantastic.

My dog also came back at a healthy weight, full of confidence and a very happy boy. I will be bringing any future dogs that I have through the 30 day stay and train program.

Thank you Terri and the rest of Hanrob for helping my boy and giving him the chance he never received.”

- Cameron

“We initially started day care at Hanrob Brisbane to ease our new puppy into the 18 day training course and have come to love it. The training course was amazing and Sascha the trainer went above and beyond our expectations. Every issue we mentioned to Sascha was immediately addressed and we never expected her to address some of the issues like our puppy’s naughty behaviour in the car until we received a video of her training him in her car! The videos and updates were fantastic and we are so happy with the results we have decided to continue with daycare as our puppy loves going and comes home very happy. Highly recommend the staff and facilities!

UPDATE: Over a year later and we are still having our now 1 1/2 year old puppy go to doggy daycare 5 days a week! The staff are FANTASTIC and our puppy just loves the staff and has his special favourite staff as well! The staff are so friendly and great, I just walk in the door and they know who I am and immediately call for my puppy to be brought out. And the best part is you get to hear about their day and what they got up to while playing with other puppies! Hanrob is amazing and you definitely want to send your puppy/dog/cat here for daycare/boarding (we’ve done both) because they really do care for your pets and do a great job at looking after them! Thanks Hanrob Brisbane, you make our lives so much better!

UPDATE 2: 2.5 years later and he still goes to daycare 5 days a week and his behaviour is so much better now, probably doesn’t NEED to go to daycare anymore but he loves it so much and gets so excited to go every morning, which is the reason we’ve continued to take him. Still highly recommend them, they take such great care of our boy!”

- Harrison, T