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The Hanrob Dog Training Academy has been training dogs and educating dog owners since 1994. Our expertise in dog training is unrivalled and our educators teach the next generation of dog trainers and assist organisations and government bodies, in Australia and internationally, to train working dogs such as detector dogs.


Our methodology is based on the latest research and continuously refined to effectively treat your dog’s underlying cause of undesirable behavior and improve their – and your – quality of life. We use only positive reinforcement methods for our training programs.


Choose from a range of dog training options with our qualified and experienced dog trainers:

  • Stay n’ Train Package – 10, 20 or 30 days training and boarding onsite at Hanrob Pet Hotels
  • Follow Up Dog Training which can be added to a dog boarding package (dogs must have completed a previous stay and train package with us before)
  • Home Dog Training 
  • Group Obedience Class 
  • Active Paw Class – A 30-minute canine exercise classes designed to condition and strengthen your dog.




Meet Our Trainers

We have the privilege of employing some of Australia's leading and most experienced dog trainers. Here are just a few!


Head Trainer at Heathcote

Hayley has over 20 years’ experience training dogs with 15 years’ experience as a qualified Veterinary Nurse in the UK.

Whilst in the UK Hayley built owned and operated a Cattery and Board and Train facility, training dogs for Field Trial Competitions, Bird Flushing and Retrieving.

During this time Hayley was an accredited Breeder with the UK Kennel Club, breeding and showing German Shorthair Pointers, competing in ring craft, obedience, agility and field trials across the UK, their highest achievement being Crufts.Since coming back to Australia in 2013 Hayley spent time in Local Government, working with remote communities in Western Australia educating dog owners and reforming pound facilities for rehoming programs. Hayley also spent time training dogs and handlers for Urban Search and Rescue, and has worked with agencies using Cadaver dogs, search and tracking missing people, Deer stalking and has spent two seasons working and training Truffle dogs.

Prior to joining our team Hayley spent 3 years working in Private Security travelling Australia with artists, performers or events, carrying out venue searches for explosive devices with her two Detection dogs, Jess and Kimber, as well as Guarding with dogs using high level Security Guard Dogs.

Hayley resides in Sydney now with her two detection dogs – Jess and Kimber, and her two retired working dogs that travelled with her from the UK-  Bindi, a 13 year old GSP  and Stella, a 17 year old JRT.

Hayley is passionate about providing dog owners with the skills, knowledge and understanding so they too can have the best dog ever.


Rebekah Bentley

Dog Trainer at Heathcote

Based at Hanrob Heathcote, Rebekah trains dogs of all ages and abilities, working with dog owners to improve a range of behaviours from lead pulling and jumping up, to aggression and anxiety. Experienced in obedience training, Rebekah teaches dogs the skills they need to live alongside people harmoniously.

Rebekah has extensive experience running group obedience and puppy classes ensuring that classes cater to the personalities of the dogs involved so everyone has a positive experience.


In the field of scent detection, Rebekah has assisted with the training of dogs working for the Australian Federal Government to recognise certain smells and communicate that recognition to a handler for quarantine.


Passionate about working with animals and people, Rebekah started at Hanrob as a Pet Welfare Attendant in 2015 and one year later, she became a Hanrob dog trainer after completing the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. Having always had dogs in her life, Rebekah loves dogs and always discovers new aspects of dog training to explore. Her training programs are individual to each dog and she loves that there are so many ways to teach the same skill to a dog which allows her to create unique solutions for her clients.





Terri Todd

Dog Trainer at Melbourne

Terri Todd is a dog trainer at Hanrob’s Melbourne facility. Her role involves consulting clients to establish training requirements and assessing dogs to create a tailored training plan. She works with the dogs daily to provide the training and enrichment needed for them to reach the goals set out in the plan.

At the end of each dogs stay Terri provides a departure session where owners get advice on the dogs needs and training for the skills learnt to stick and further improve the dog’s abilities.


Terri believes every dog has potential and is particularly proud of two recent cases where she has turned around a dog’s behaviour. One was a case of separation anxiety and the other an aggressive dog around new people and environments. Both cases were extreme and presented a challenge for Terri, however with the 30 day stay and train program she was able to resolve their behavioural issues. Their owners were ecstatic and went on to recommend Hanrob to those with a dog needing behaviour adjustment.


Terri loves to see happy animals and believes a cohesive bond between pet and owner is important for any pet to have a good quality of life. She believes the intensive training that can be achieved with the stay and train programs can help address behaviour issues expeditiously and provide skills for both pet and owner to have a happy life together.


Terri has always been an advocate of companion and wild animals; she has completed a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences majoring in Biodiversity Management and a certificate in companion animal management. Terri’s current pets are some tropical fish and a beautiful white cat named Shiver who was a rescue from the RSPCA. While waiting for her next forever dog, she still utilises her training skills and has even taught Shiver to sit on command!





Tiffany Penney

Dog Trainer at Canberra

Base at Hanrob Canberra, Tiffany has 4 years of experience training dogs of all ages and ability to improve a range of behaviors. She started off as a Pet Welfare Supervisor and then transitioned into dog training. She is passionate to give all pets and their owners the ability to reach their goals through play and obedience training.

Since being the head dog trainer in Canberra, Tiffany has also designed and implemented group classes and her enthusiasm has grown these classes into a strong dog community in the area. She wants every owner to be able to experience life with the ultimate companion. Tiffany’s current pets are her 2 German Shepherds and a Husky.






Dog Training Topics

Whilst dog training at Hanrob can be adapted to suit the needs of your dog, you can also choose from three popular topics, especially for shorter stays such as the Stay n’ Train 10 day course:

Walk Time


Designed to improve lead time, holding of the heel position and ability to walk past distractions




Doggy Manners


Designed to manage excitable behaviour, improve control around humans, minimise problem behaviour around distractions and improve self control




Recall Reliably


Designed to improve recall on a short and long lead and in a variety of settings, whilst also teaching recall around distractions and that coming when called is fun!





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