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Dog Training

Here at Hanrob, we are the experts when it comes to Dog Training.




 Here at Hanrob, we have over 40 years of experience in providing professional dog training to Australian fur-families. We are not just dog training experts, but a team of animal behaviourists. We have handled all breeds, sizes, and types of dogs, and we understand the psychology and the underlying drivers behind their behaviours, which makes us the most qualified for any situation. Our approach to training dogs takes into consideration of each dog’s personality, so we can provide the best training methods and approach to receiving the best results.


 We also believe it is important to provide the dog owner with the skills to continue your dogs training journey in your own environment. This is why we ensure we educate the owner along with training the dog. Depending on which Dog Training program your dog em-barks on, we will ensure we fill you in on their progress, and educate you on how to keep moving forward.




Our most popular program. Your dog will stay with us and have daily 1 on 1 training


Play n' Train

Keeping Dog Training fun! A combination of Training and Daycare.


PUPPY school

Starting your Puppies Training journey!


obedience classes

A fantastic way to practice and learn new skills in a controlled environment!


Private lessons

Private sessions with our Expert Dog Trainers!



Dog Training in the home environment!


What our customers say...

“We initially started day care at Hanrob Brisbane to ease our new puppy into the 18 day training course and have come to love it. The training course was amazing and Sascha the trainer went above and beyond our expectations. Every issue we mentioned to Sascha was immediately addressed and we never expected her to address some of the issues like our puppy’s naughty behaviour in the car until we received a video of her training him in her car! The videos and updates were fantastic and we are so happy with the results we have decided to continue with daycare as our puppy loves going and comes home very happy. Highly recommend the staff and facilities!

UPDATE: Over a year later and we are still having our now 1 1/2 year old puppy go to doggy daycare 5 days a week! The staff are FANTASTIC and our puppy just loves the staff and has his special favourite staff as well! The staff are so friendly and great, I just walk in the door and they know who I am and immediately call for my puppy to be brought out. And the best part is you get to hear about their day and what they got up to while playing with other puppies! Hanrob is amazing and you definitely want to send your puppy/dog/cat here for daycare/boarding (we’ve done both) because they really do care for your pets and do a great job at looking after them! Thanks Hanrob Brisbane, you make our lives so much better!

UPDATE 2: 2.5 years later and he still goes to daycare 5 days a week and his behaviour is so much better now, probably doesn’t NEED to go to daycare anymore but he loves it so much and gets so excited to go every morning, which is the reason we’ve continued to take him. Still highly recommend them, they take such great care of our boy!”

- Ben Norris

“I highly recommend Hanrob Pet Hotel’s Training Programs to correct behavioural issues, or simply to bring out the best in your pet. My experience with Hanrob way exceeded my expectation. Without Hanrob, I couldn’t have kept Boston, and I will always be extremely grateful.”

- Chelsey Chrome

“I sent my puppy to Hanrob for the 20 day Stay & Train course. Due to an injury, I was unable to train her when she came to live with me at 8 weeks old, and she fast became a stressed out, destructive anxious puppy and sent my home into chaos. As I was unable to correct her behaviour, I sent her to Hanrob for the 20 day Stay & Train. She returned confident, well socialised with people and dogs, and perfectly trained in the necessary basics. Most importantly, she came home happy and manageable, and has improved daily since her return. I highly recommend Hanrob to any dog owner who wants correct specific issues, or just to bring out the best in their dog. Brilliant Service, wonderful trainers and outcome. I couldn’t be happier ! “

- Sal




If you’re ready to make a booking, you can use our online portal or complete our short call back form or call us on 1300 426 762. Our dog training locations include four facilities in NSW, one in ACT, Victoria and Queensland. Visit our website for more information.



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