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If you’re about to bring home a new puppy or adoption dog, or are struggling with a problem behaviour in or around your home environment, then in-home dog training could save you time, money and heartache in the future. Conducted by our expert dog trainers, we offer one-on-one home dog training and home behavioural consultations that will efficiently and effectively tackle some of the issues you’re facing.


After assessment of your dog’s individual needs, we will recommend one of three different courses, each of which offers daily lessons with our expert trainers working together towards their pre-agreed learning outcomes and to reinforce your dog’s new behaviours. The course will last 10, 20 or 30 days – depending on the number or type of behavioural changes your dog needs our help with. Your dog will stay in comfortable onsite accommodation in our renowned pet hotels.


We know that it’s not always possible to bring your dog to us for training. We also know that it’s common to see some problem behaviours that are unique to your home environment. That’s why our trainers come to you to conduct behavioural consultations and training when and where it matters most. We off our in-home dog training consultations to dog owners in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


Home dog training at Hanrob Dog Training Academy



There are times when only training in your own home will do. Bringing home a new puppy or adoption dog, for example, or when targeting a behaviour unique to your home environment such as digging, barking or chewing. Thanks to our In-Home Dog Training, we can help you get on top of any problem behaviours, or simply educate you and your dog in basic obedience efficiently and effectively.


Home Dog Training is not only convenient – it is effective in achieving lasting results, fast. Our Dog Trainers will visit you and your dog for some one-on-one training, tailoring your consultation according to your requirements.


A specialist dog trainer will work with you and your dog in your own environment, to assess behavioural challenges and help you incorporate dog training into your daily routine to suit your lifestyle.


We know that every dog and every household is different. Home Dog Training is the perfect solution as it is tailored to your needs .



For first-time customers, we want to get to know your dog, so please complete the enquiry form below, or call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our Pet Experience team and reserve your professional dog boarding today. Our valued current customers can choose to book online.