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There are times when only training in your own home will do. Bringing home a new puppy or adoption dog, for example, or when targeting a behaviour unique to your home environment such as digging, barking or chewing. Thanks to our In-Home Dog Training, we can help you get on top of any problem behaviours, or simply educate you and your dog in basic obedience.


Conducted by our expert dog trainers in the comfort of your home, the one-on-one session will efficiently and effectively tackle the issues your dog is facing. Packaged as two in-home sessions, which run for 90 minutes each, our dog trainer will you provide you with the tools to incorporate training skills in your home environment. Our first session will enable our dog trainer to observe and consult on the patterns of your dog’s behaviour, where we will develop a pre-agreed learning plan and outcome.  During our second session, we will put into practice and teach the new skills that will reinforce the new desired behaviour.


Priced at $590,  the initial 2 sessions include;

  • An in-home consultation with your entire household and four-legged friend
  • Observing your pets behavioural patterns in and around the home
  • Identifying initial findings and agreeing to a plan for the second follow-up session
  • Putting into practise the new skills and teaching them to your family
  • Providing a plan to ensure you continue the new reinforced skills post the final session
  • 20% of subsequent home dog training lessons for life!


We understand that each pet family is unique and learns at their own pace, so we are here to guide you at all stages of the journey. After your initial home dog training sessions, we offer additional training lessons in your environment at a 20% discount, that’s a saving of $59 per session!






For first-time customers, we want to get to know your dog, so please complete the enquiry form below, or call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our Pet Experience Team. Alternatively, our valued current customers can choose to book online.