Pet Transport

With 40 years’ of experience we understand the importance of professional care, pet comfort, and safety.





With 40 years’ of experience in animal transport we understand the importance of professional care, pet comfort, and safety. We provide both road transport from our superior vehicle fleet, and air travel for long-distance journeys, which is fully managed within our Hanrob network.


When travelling with Hanrob Animal Transport, your pet will experience the benefits of our professional approach to pet care, and as a pet owner you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is in the best hands.





OUR PET TERMINALS: With our extensive network of facilities across Australia, we allow your pet to exercise, explore, and play before they embark on their travel adventure. Not only does this reduce stress and time in transit, but also tires out your pet so they have a relaxing and positive experience.


TAILORED SOLUTIONS: We believe that every pet is an individual, and we tailor our solutions to provide the best possible care and option for all your pets needs. Each journey is precisely planned to ensure every pet has a premium experience, and every owner has peace of mind knowing their pet is comfortable.


THE PET LOVERS PROMISE: Here at Hanrob, we are pet lovers, so we will do everything necessary to ensure the health and well-being of your pet is our first priority, and that your pet arrives at it’s destination safe and happy.







At Hanrob Animal Transport, we take safety, health, and well-being seriously. Our premier transport fleet offers comfortable journey on road with the best-in-class cabins for your pet’s needs!



-Fiberglass cabins to maintain a hygienic environment.

-Alarm systems to alert drivers of any climate changes in conditions inside their vehicle.

-Cameras allowing drivers to monitor pets health and wellbeing.

-Climate-controlled cabins to maintain comfort during all seasons and conditions.


In addition to our superior road transport fleet, throughout many major airport locations, we offer pet airport lounges, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.



We provide an end-to-end pet transport solution that is tailored to your pet’s travel needs. We use a blend of transport choices to deliver your pet carefully and securely to their destination.


LOCAL, REGIONAL & INTERSTATE ROAD TRANSPORT: Whether your relocating, or having your puppy travel to their fur-ever homes, we ensure they arrive healthy and secure. We operate regular transport schedules from major cities and regions throughout Australia.


PUPPY AND KITTEN TRANSPORT: We love transporting puppies and kittens to their forever homes! Thats why we offer seamless puppy and kitten transport so your new furry friend is delivered to you safely. We also work with reputable breeders and agents to provide puppy and kitten transport across Australia.


AIR TRAVEL BOOKINGS: We organise air travel from all major and regional airports throughout Australia. We work with trustworthy airline partners to accommodate all flight arrangements to ensure your pet travels in comfort to their destination.


DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE: For the ultimate convenience we offer direct pick-up and delivery options at major cities. We collect and/or deliver your pet from your front door and transport them in ultimate comfort.


AIRPORT PET LOUNGES (LODGEMENT & TRANSFERS): We facilitate arrival and departure movements of your pet from our airport pet lounges located at various airports across Australia. Rest assured your pet is maximising their time in our relaxing pet lounges in a calming, tranquil environment prior to embarking on their flight.


HOLISTIC PET-CARE SERVICES: All pets have access to our extensive range of care services, which includes: pet accommodationdog trainingdog daycareplaytime, and more!



What kind of pet transport options does Hanrob offer?


At Hanrob, we offer a variety of different pet transport options for your fur baby. Our pet transport services can be divided into different categories, and we also provide specialised services for puppies and kittens who may not be used to travelling.

  • Pet transport for dogs and cats by road — Going by road is generally the most comfortable way for your pet to travel. If you choose to transport your pet by road with Hanrob, we will make sure that there are plenty of stops along the way and that they are kept relaxed and happy throughout the journey.
  • Pet transport for dogs and cats by air — Did you know that Hanrob has airport terminal pet facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra? If you need to transport your pet by air within Australia, we can ensure that their journey is as stress-free and comfortable as possible by allowing them to spend time in our airport terminal pet facilities.
  • Pet transport for puppies and kittens — Our professional team of experts at Hanrob will help make your puppy or kitten feels safe and relaxed during their journey. This service is especially beneficial for puppies and kittens travelling directly to you from a pet breeder or a pet agent and have little to no experience travelling. We will do our absolute best to ensure that their first big trip is as stress-free as possible and that they reach their new family safely.


Does my pet need to be sedated during transport?


It is generally not recommended that you sedate your cat or dog before transport. This is because it can cause dehydration, lower your pet’s blood pressure and body temperature, and increase the risk of breathing and heart issues. The professional team of pet movers at Hanrob will do everything possible to keep your pet calm and happy without having to use any kinds of sedatives.


Will my pet be fed before or during transport?


The pet movers team will always ensure that your pet has access to fresh drinking water before and during transport. When it comes to pet transport, it’s not recommended to give your pet food within a few hours before their journey, as it can cause an upset stomach. For pets travelling by road, frequent comfort stops can be made depending on the length of the trip.


How do I know my pet will be comfortable while being transported?


We understand that transporting your dog or cat from one place to another can be stressful and that you will be worried about them. However, the health, safety and wellbeing of your pet is our pet welfare team’s number one priority. If challenges do arise, our staff are more than capable of adapting and responding to them to make sure your pet remains calm, happy and comfortable.

If you would like to speak to one of our expert team members about pet transport, or any of our other services across Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Hanrob Animal Transport! My fur babies arrived to my house safe and sound. So impressed with the service from beginning to end. I won’t hesitate to recommend this service to family and friends, and I will be using Hanrob again in the future. Thanks so much!!”

- Ross, Adelaide

“Yep, these guys are awesome! They safely transported my little guys, Stella and Ciccio! Thank you Hanrob!”

- Luisa, Sydney




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