Group Obedience Classes for Dogs

Bring out the best in your dog

Enhance Your Dog’s Skills with Our Group Obedience Classes

Group dog training classes offer a fantastic opportunity to practice essential skills in a real-world environment. Not only do these classes provide great socialisation for your dog, but they also focus on general obedience training to ensure your furry friend becomes a well-behaved companion.


Group Obedience Classes for Dogs
Group Obedience Classes for Dogs
Group Obedience Classes for Dogs

How Group Obedience Classes Work

Our Group Obedience Classes for Dogs are a structured 5-week program, where you and your dog will visit Hanrob for a one-hour session each week. You’ll engage in a variety of training activities and skill-building exercises. These sessions are carefully crafted to ensure your dog learns essential obedience commands while having fun in a supportive group environment.

  • 5-Week Program
  • Weekly 1hr Sessions
  • Fun Group Environment

What Do the Classes Address?

The classes are designed to enhance your dogs socialisation, obedience, and overall skills. Our dog training group classes offer structured sessions that focus on providing appropriate socialisation exposure, navigating distractions, and equipping owners with essential skills to engage effectively with their dogs.

  • Socialisation Skills
  • Obedience Skills
  • Real World Training

See What Dog Owners Say

“The 5-week program provided a fantastic mix of training and socialisation, and the trainers made every session engaging. Bella has learned so many new skills and is now much better behaved at home and around other dogs.”

— Kim

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