Pet Movers & Relocation Services





The safety and comfort of the pets we transport is our number one priority. Our domestic and interstate pet transport service provides pets with an unbeatable travel experience and their owners with total peace of mind. Every member of our pet transport team has the knowledge, experience, and passion required to ensure that your pet is cared for throughout every stage of their journey, from the moment we collect them from your front door until they reach their final destination.


We tailor the travel itinerary to each individual pet, so you can be sure that your loved one is receiving the very best transport experience that we can offer. During their journey, your pet will experience unparalleled luxuries at our spacious airport pet terminal facilities. For day and overnight guests, we prepare the room prior to your pet’s arrival with fresh bedding, blankets, and toys; and schedule their playtime with friends. Your pet can also benefit from our daycare experience, aromatherapy grooms and ongoing dog training, all a part of our holistic approach to pet care.


Whether you need to transport your pet within the state you live in, or you require interstate pet transport, Hanrob’s pet transport service is the ultimate way for them to travel.


Pet transport by road is the most comfortable and most efficient way of getting your pets to their destination and where we can complete the whole journey on the road, with regular comfort stops, we will recommend so. We operate a full road service to and from regional and major Australian cities and maintain a fleet of climate-controlled vehicles and comfortable cabin quarters that keep your pets safe throughout all seasons.


For Interstate pet transport where a combination of air and road transport is required, we work collaboratively to source the best travel plan for your pet. Our reputable airline partners source the best travel routes, advise on the airline approved crate requirements and timely arrival or departure to and from the airport lodgement terminal. We handle all the details and arrangements and present a tailored itinerary for your pet. No matter the journey, every pet will benefit from the tranquil and calming environment at our airport pet terminal lounge prior to lodgement, ensuring they are relaxed and refreshed prior to boarding their flight.










Hanrob works closely with professional relocation partners to provide a first-rate pet relocation service. After speaking with one of our consultants and giving them all the relevant details about your pet and the purpose of your relocation, they will put together a travel itinerary tailored to your individual situation. We understand that making travel arrangements can be incredibly stressful when pets are involved, and we will do everything in our power to make the whole experience as stress-free and straightforward as possible.


There are numerous reasons why people come to us for pet relocation services. Whether the owners are relocating to a new home within Australia, preparing to welcome a new pet into the family, providing a new home for a rescued pet, or they need to arrange for emergency pet transport, we are ready and able to assist. By leaving the planning process up to one of our experienced pet transport consultants, you can save yourself the stress and worry and focus on preparing for your pet’s arrival.


Our dedicated team of professionals bring decades of experience to the table and an unyielding passion for providing pets with a safe and comfortable travel experience. Relocating to a new home can be a confusing and stressful experience for any pet. Giving them the full Hanrob Animal Transport experience ensures they’re in the best frame of mind possible when they arrive at their new home.








To find out more about our domestic, interstate or relocation pet transport services, you can submit an enquiry form online, and one of our pet transport consultants will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss a transport plan tailored to your pet. Alternatively, you can call us to discuss your transport needs on 1300 426 762.