Protect Your Pet From Fleas and Ticks This Summer

After a year of tough restrictions and border closures, we approach Summer eager to escape with family, friends and our beloved pets.


Our pets, who have been kept safe at home most of 2020 are excited about their next adventure. Whether they are joining the family holiday or enjoying a relaxing getaway with their friends at Hanrob Pet Hotels, let’s continue to keep them safe this Summer season.


The warmer weather is prime season for fleas and ticks – is your pet up to date with their flea and tick medicine?


Not to worry! We have you covered.


When your pet stays with Hanrob Pet Hotels, choose to add Flea and Tick prevention to their booking.


At Hanrob, we administer Advantix for dogs, a spot-on treatment that protects dogs from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, stable flies, sand flies and lice. It kills fleas and ticks on contact, even the deadly paralysis tick! Advantix is an excellent preventative treatment to protect your dog prior to being bitten, avoiding any transmission of parasitic diseases.


Advantix for dogs



For your furry feline, we administer Advantage for cats, a spot-on treatment which kills fleas on contact. Suitable for all kitten and cats from birth and provides 1 month of protection.


Advantage for Cats


Ensure you add this Holiday Essential to your pets booking for only $22.00. If you have an existing booking with Hanrob Pet Hotels or if your pet is currently staying with us, please call 1300 738 468 to request this holiday essential anytime during their stay.


Do you have a preferred Flea and Tick medication?


That’s perfectly fine! Just advise our team at the time of booking that you will be bringing your own medication and we will happily administer this to your pet for a small $3.00 fee.


Let’s ensure we keep our pets happy and healthy this Summer.