Choosing The Right Pet Hotel For Your Pet

Wondering who to entrust your furry or feline friend to while you travel? You’re not alone! With so many pet hotels in Australia, deciding which is right for your fur baby can be challenging. To ensure they have an enjoyable stay away from home — think comfy beds, play spaces, healthy meals and more — we’ll delve into some key considerations that will ensure you select the best pet hotel. 

Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind when researching temporary accommodation for your pet:

1. Location

Finding a clean, convenient and safe location for your pet friend’s hotel stay is crucial. After all, you want to ensure your pet is never too far from you, breathing fresh air and getting enough meals while you are away. 

2. Safety and security

Your pet’s safety and security are a top priority, so it’s essential to ensure the pet hotel you choose is a haven for your four-legged friend. With secure fencing, watchful eyes from surveillance cameras and well-planned emergency protocols in place, you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands.

3. Quality of care

You want to choose a pet hotel where your furry friend will be in the hands of loving and knowledgeable caregivers. They should have all the necessary skills and experience to keep your pet happy, healthy and entertained. This includes proper feeding, exercise and medical attention when needed.

4. Amenities and services

When selecting a pet hotel, it’s essential to ensure that it provides the right comfort — from play spaces and a cosy bed to grooming services that keep your furry friend relaxed, pampered and happy during their stay. After all, they deserve a vacation as enjoyable as ours!

5. Price and availability

It is vital to ensure you choose a pet hotel that fits your budget and schedule and is available for the dates you need your pet to be taken care of.

Research and comparison

Researching and comparing options will help you make an informed decision, considering your pet’s specific needs and preferences. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Online research — You can search for pet hotels in your area, read about their services and amenities and compare prices. This lets you get a general idea of the options available.
  • Reviews and recommendations — Reading reviews from other pet owners can provide valuable insight into the quality of care and services offered by a pet hotel. You can ask for recommendations from friends, family and your veterinarian or check online review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.
  • Visit the hotel in person — By doing this, you can get a feel for the facility, the staff and the quality of care they provide. You can see the rooms, the play areas and the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the facility and ask any questions you may have. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and ensure they are knowledgeable and compassionate.

Some questions you can ask before booking a pet hotel

  • What are the staff qualifications and experience?
  • What kind of exercise and playtime does my pet receive?
  • How many pets are housed per room or play area?
  • What is the policy for handling medical emergencies?
  • Are there any additional costs?

After researching and comparing pet hotels, it’s time to decide.

Consider all the factors you have gathered during your research, such as location, safety and security, quality of care, amenities and services, price and availability. Take into account your pet’s specific needs and your preferences, and weigh the pros and cons of each pet hotel you’ve discovered.

When you book Hanrob’s pet hotel, you’re leaving your pet in good care

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