Dog Play & Playground Ideas

From dressing them up in gorgeous outfits to keeping their toy collection fresh, most of us treat our dogs like children. Like young children, dogs need to be kept occupied to prevent them from becoming bored and resorting to naughty behaviour. However, for many breeds, daily walks and a quick round of fetch may not be enough stimulation to keep them happy. 

A dog playing area can keep your pup happy and busy throughout the day, especially when you’re not there! In this blog, we’ll share three dog play ideas that are easy to set up and will have tags wagging for days. 

Small obstacle course

Give your pup the opportunity to become ‘best in show’ with a small obstacle course! Obstacle courses are an easy and fun way to keep your dog healthy and active while teaching them important agility skills like spatial awareness and balance. It also exposes them to different textures and challenges. 

Depending on the obstacles you want to set up, you may be able to take a DIY approach to keep costs low. For instance, you could use planks of wood to create balancing beams and hurdles. You could also set up plastic cones and use hula hoops to teach them impressive tricks — it also reminds them who’s in charge.

Kiddie pool

Another simple but effective dog play idea is to treat your dog to a refreshing dip by picking up a kiddie pool. Most dogs love to play in the water; it’ll keep them nice and cool during summer. Start slowly and fill the pool up gradually to see how well they do with their new dog playing area. 

Depending on your dog’s experience with water, this could also be a great stepping stone to helping them become more confident. And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to sneak in a quick bath, so be sure to keep their shampoo and conditioner nearby! 


Got a pup who loves to dig? We may have the perfect solution. If you’ve got the space in your backyard, why not give your dog its very own sandpit? DIY sandpits are a fantastic way to channel your dog’s digging energy — saving your flowerbed in the process! We recommend building an enclosed dog playing area to minimise potential mess. 

Supervising your dog when playing in the sandpit is also important to ensure they don’t ingest too much sand, as it can get stuck in their stomach and cause intestinal issues. 

Bonus dog play idea — don’t neglect socialisation and visit dog playgrounds

While a backyard dog playing area is a simple fix to keeping your dog active, there’s nothing sweeter than watching a group of pups play together. Socialisation is an important responsibility for dog owners, so it’s a good idea to visit doggy playgrounds with your pup regularly. 

And if you’re looking for the best spot to take your furry friend, our doggy daycare is sure to give your pup a day they’ll never forget. Located in Westfield Warringah, our fun and interactive doggy daycare has everything your pup could need, from three spacious yards to endless toys! 

Our dog playing area also features a grooming station, so you can give your pup a quick wash to keep them looking their best. We can also help you host the paw-fect puppy party for your fur baby, from decorations to toys and, of course, a dog cake. 

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