Play N’ Train

Socialisation, Play, and Training, Combined into one program!





Play N Train is a daily adventure where your dog will be immersed in enrichment, socialisation, and training to provide the perfect mix for a happy and healthy dog. For dog owners looking to fulfil every aspect of their dog’s life, there is no better solution than enrolling your dog into our Play N’ Train program. Play N’ Train is a solution that ensures your dog can adapt to training whilst having fun at the same time! It can be overwhelming training a dog while simultaneously working 9-5 every day and Play N’ Train was designed with this in mind!


The Play n’ Train program is also fantastic for young pups to help start their training journey in a fun way, and to socialise with other fellow pups. If your Puppy is 6 months or younger, please see our Puppy Play n’ Train!


Play N’ Train is a holistic approach to accommodate all your furry friends’ needs. A daily adventure filled with enrichment, socialisation, and the all-important splash of training. This program is perfect for dogs who have developed early socialisation skills and are possibly starting to push the boundaries further as they enter their teenage years and now need a boost in training.

  • Trains your pup to not get too excited in unfamiliar environments
  • Teaches your dog self-control, patience, and confidence around other dogs
  • Makes sure your dog remains calm when new people come over or when meeting other canines on walks
  • Lessens the anxiety of first meeting a new person
  • Helps to build confidence in a dog by way of positive experiences
  • Teaches basic obedience skills like coming when called, focus and recall
  • Promotes good behaviour around other dogs
  • Socialises your dog with other dogs and people in a supervised setting
  • Makes it easier for you to walk, exercise, or groom your pup without fighting back
  • Helps train them to be less anxious when you leave the home or leave their side
  • Helps dogs learn the basics of obedience, problem solving and self-esteem
  • Helps improve the bond between dog and owner!








Your pet will arrive in the morning at one of our facilities, they will spend the day with our team working on their enrichment, socialisation and training set out by our daily program (each day is different). In the evening, you will arrive back at the same location to pick-up your pet.

For added convenience, we operate a hassle-free pet taxi service for convenient pick-up and drop-off to your door or from one of our many check-in centres.

What’s Included:

  • Socialisation with dogs of a similar age, supervised by our training staff – this will be conducted multiple times throughout the day.
  • 30-minute training session with one of our trainers – our main focus will be basic obedience and manners; however, our trainers will address your primary concerns during the first consultation to ensure we add more focus to these particular behaviours.
  • Rest time – a break in the middle of the day to have a nap, lunch or have some food enrichment. Your dog will have access to their own accommodation in our pet hotel during the rest period.
  • Environmental Socialisation training – during our training sessions and time with your dog, we will aim to add in environmental socialisation and introduce them to different aspects of the human world (traffic, loud noises).
  • Cognitive Skills – Interactive games that will have your dog mentally stimulated and working on their problem-solving skills. These games are great for tactile stimulation while still challenging mental agility, as well as their observation skills.




Adult Play N’ Train is a 10-day program that runs Monday to Friday from 7am – 6pm.

The course is structured across 2 weeks; 5 days on, 2 rest days across the weekend, and a final 5 days to complete the program.

Over the course of the two-week period, you will see gradual improvements in your dog’s behaviour. We will encourage you to practice what we teach and maintain the rhythm in between sessions as part of homework exercises. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with all the resources.




We offer our Play N Train dog socialisation training at our Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra facilities. Each of these locations have secure access to interactive off-leash play-yards. For wet weather days, so dogs can enjoy our secure indoor play facilities. For more information about each specific facility, please visit our locations pages.





We have a full team of qualified dog trainers and pet welfare attendants who are experts in handling all breeds, training needs, and most importantly the welfare of your pet. Not only are our staff trained, they are also certified in many aspects of common training principles, as well as more complex dog socialisation, behavioural and obedience training. As well as being highly qualified as professional pet care staff, all staff at Hanrob are passionate pet lovers! To find out more about our trainers, read their profiles and backgrounds here.







For your pet’s daily enrichment, socialisation, and training we charge a flat $70 per day.


This course is packaged as a 10-day program and the total cost is $700.





We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you and your pup. Get in contact to learn more about our behavioural and socialisation dog training course on 1300 426 762 or submit a quick enquiry below.