Are Greyhounds Good Pets?

Exploring the Qualities of Greyhound Companions

In the world of pet companions, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. While some breeds are celebrated for their boundless energy and others for their watchdog skills, the greyhound brings its own unique charm to the table. These lean, elegant dogs are perhaps best known for their lightning-fast sprints on the racetrack, but there’s so much more to them that makes them fantastic pets.

So, Are Greyhounds Good Pets?

To answer the question directly, yes, greyhounds are indeed good pets. These dogs have a wealth of qualities that make them an excellent choice for a wide range of pet owners. Their allure goes far beyond their sprinting abilities, and their gentle disposition and adaptability make them wonderful pet companions.

Why Greyhounds Make Great Pets

  • Gentle Temperament: Greyhounds are known for their calm and gentle nature. They are typically good-natured and well-mannered, making them excellent companions for families, singles, or retirees.
  • Low-Maintenance Grooming: Their short coat requires minimal grooming, so you can spend more time enjoying their company and less time brushing.
  • Adaptability: Greyhounds can adapt to various living situations. They are equally comfortable in an apartment or a spacious home with a yard if they get regular exercise.
  • Low Energy Indoors: Despite their incredible speed on the racetrack, greyhounds are often referred to as “couch potatoes” indoors. They enjoy lounging around and are content with a cosy spot to relax.
  • Easy going with Children: Many greyhounds are excellent with children, and their gentle demeanour makes them suitable for families with kids.
  • Minimal Shedding and Odour: Greyhounds are known for their minimal shedding and low odour which can be a relief for allergy sufferers.
  • Loyalty: Once you earn a greyhound’s trust, they are incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners.
  • Affordability: Greyhounds are extremely affordable to adopt. Greyhounds, which come vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, and more, are available for just $250. This is a fraction of the cost compared to trendy breeds like Cavoodles, which can cost up to $9K.

Adopting a Greyhound as a Pet

If you’re considering a new furry family member, adopting a greyhound can be a fulfilling choice. Greyhounds often need loving homes after retiring from the racing industry, and adopting one gives them the loving and forever home they need.

The Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) is an organisation dedicated to finding loving homes for retired racing greyhounds. So, if you’re eager to explore the range of amazing dogs waiting for their forever homes, we encourage you to visit GAP’s website today and take the first step toward welcoming a loving greyhound into your life.


Plus, Hanrob is excited to announce our partnership with GAP to re-home 18 greyhounds at our upcoming dog event this weekend (Sunday the 29th of October, at Hanrob Heathcote). We believe that every dog deserves a loving forever home, and we’re proud to be a part of this initiative. If you’re in search of a loyal, affectionate companion, join us at our event and meet your potential new soul mate.


In conclusion, greyhounds are indeed excellent pets, known for their gentle temperament, low-maintenance care, and unwavering loyalty. Adopting a greyhound can be a rewarding experience, as you welcome a loving companion into your life. Make a positive impact on a greyhound’s life by providing them with a loving forever home.