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Welcome to the best puppy school near you! Early puppy training is essential for raising
a well-behaved and happy dog. Our top-rated puppy school offers expert guidance to
ensure your puppy learns essential skills and good manners from the start. Join us to

give your puppy the best training experience and set them on the path to a happy,
confident life.


Puppy School
Puppy School
Puppy School

What is Puppy School and Training?

Our structured puppy school and training programs are designed to teach your pup the
basics and foundations of good behaviour. Your puppy will learn a variety of new skills,
such as sit, stay, and proper leash walking. Additionally, we educate new puppy owners
on effective training techniques to ensure consistency and success at home.


Your Puppy Will Learn:

  • Foundations of Training
  • Develop Confidence
  • Teaching the Owners
Puppy School
Puppy School
Puppy School

Our Puppy School and Training Options

Explore our range of puppy school and puppy training options, designed to meet the
unique needs of every pup.

Puppy Pre School


Our Puppy pre-school will not only teach your pup the basics of training obedience but will also help your dogs socialisation skills.

The class environment allows your puppy to learn in a real world environment to ensure the best results.

The Puppy school program will be one lesson a week for 5 weeks.

Our Puppy pre-school addresses:

  • Socialisation
  • General Obedience
  • Communication skills
  • Digging and Biting
  • Jumping and Toilet Training
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See What Puppy Owners Say

“Enrolling our puppy, Luna, in Hanrob’s puppy pre-school was the best decision we
made! The structured classes and expert guidance provided us with the tools we
needed to train her effectively. Highly recommend this puppy school to anyone looking
for top-notch puppy training near me”

— Dianne

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