Private Dog Training

One on one lessons to bring out the best in your dog

One on One and Private Dog Training

Our one-on-one and private dog training sessions provide personalised attention to meet your dog’s unique needs. Improve obedience, address behavioural issues, and teach new skills with the help of our expert trainers. Let’s create a happier, better-behaved pet together!


Private Dog Training
Private Dog Training
Private Dog Training

What is Private Dog Training?

Our private and one on one dog training offers you a dedicated one-hour, one-on-one session with our expert trainers. These lessons are ideal for follow-up training, ensuring your dog continues to progress and refine their skills.

For the best results, we recommend exploring our boarding and training program or booking multiple private lessons. This comprehensive approach helps to solidify your dog’s training and achieve lasting behaviour improvements.

  • 1 hour private lesson
  • Dog and owner
  • From just $195

The Private Dog Training Journey

Initial Consultation

Speak with our trainers on your dog’s behavioural issues.

Customised Training Plan

Our trainers will design the best approach for your dog.

One on One Sessions

Private 1 hour sessions with our expert trainers.

Progress Evaluation

Evaluate the progress of your dog and determine next steps.

See What Our Customers Say

“Thanks to the private dog training sessions, our dog Max has made incredible progress. The one-on-one attention from the expert trainers was exactly what he needed. We saw improvements in his behaviour after just a few lessons, and he’s now much happier and well-behaved”

— Rebecca

Experience Our One-on-One Dog Training!

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