Private Dog Training

One on one lessons to bring out the best in your dog

Elevate Your Bond with Our Private Dog Training Sessions

Embark on a personalised journey to canine companionship with our private dog training lessons. Our exclusive one-on-one sessions with our expert trainers provide a tailored approach to address your dog’s specific needs and behavioural challenges. 

Our dedicated trainers not only guide you through each step but also empower you with the necessary skills and insights to continue your dog training at home. We believe in fostering a strong bond between you and your dog, and our private lessons are designed to enhance communication, strengthen obedience, and create a harmonious relationship that lasts a lifetime.

  • Suitable for most breeds and can cover a vast range of simple to complex behavioural issues. 
  • Ideal for those owners wanting to learn strategies to manage behaviours or to have skills and knowledge to communicate clearly with their canine companion.
  • Private lessons are a great way to control environmental set up to assist those dogs working on reactivity or environmental stimulus that may be impacting behaviours. 
  • Lessons run for 1 hour one-to-one with a qualified handler to instruct and provide tools to owners to manage behaviours or work on specific skills. 
  • Lesson packages may be available to those interested in an ongoing service.

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