Dog Daycare Melbourne

Dog Daycare Paradise in Melbourne

Give your pup with the ultimate doggy daycare experience at Hanrob Melbourne. Our expansive facility boasts a variety of indoor and outdoor yards, providing the perfect playground for your furry friend while you’re at work or busy with daily tasks.

With a carefully crafted schedule of play, learn, socialise, and repeat, your dog is guaranteed to have a tail-wagging good time, making each day at Hanrob Melbourne a joyous adventure for your beloved pet.

Dog Daycare
Dog Daycare
Dog Daycare

A Day in Melbourne Dog Daycare

Getting to our facility

Enjoy the convenience of our dog taxi’s and vet check-in centres to make getting to our facility easy.

Play and Socialisation

Our yards provide a spacious and grassy area filled with fun obstacles and toys, creating an exciting environment for your furry friend to enjoy.

Enrichment Games

Dogs will participate in multiple games throughout the day to keep their minds stimulated.

Home Time

After a big day, dogs will usually be very tired, before begging to come back for more!

Getting to our Facility is Easy!

Organise a Pet Taxi

We offer the ultimate convenience with our pet taxi service, to and from our facilities. Organise a pet taxi over the phone or when booking.


Our Extensive Vet Network

With our network of vet partners across Australia, we offer our customers the ability to drop your pet off to your local vet, where we will pick them up from for their stay.


Drop Off at Hanrob

Come say hi, and see our beautiful facility, before saying goodbye to your beloved pet for their stay

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