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Welcome to Hanrob Heathcote’s Dog Training Academy, your trusted destination for expert dog training in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney’s Western Suburbs or Wollongong regions. With a rich legacy of 40 years in dog training, our experienced team of trainers specialise in various training types to cater to the unique needs of every dog.


Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Training

What Our Dog Trainers Specialise In

  • Barking Prevention
  • Biting/Chewing Prevention
  • Dog Obedience Training (lead pulling, following commands, recall etc.)
  • Puppy School and Training
  • Resolving Aggression Towards People or Other Dogs
  • Resolving Anxiety
  • Socialisation Training
  • Plus More…


Our Dog Training Services

At Hanrob Dog Training Academy, our expertise covers a variety of specialised areas, ensuring your furry friend receives a customised training solution for the very best results.

Board and Train Programs

Our famous board and train programs offer the best results, as your dog will stay with us and perform daily training.

  • Offers the Best Results
  • Foundations of Training
  • Fixes Behavioural Issues
  • From $1,420.00
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Private Training Lessons

Experience one-on-one sessions with our dog trainers, who will address your dog’s behaviour and guide you through the training process.

  • One on One Training
  • Personalised Lessons
  • Educating the Owner
  • From $120.00
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Puppy School and Training

Puppy school and training offer a fun and engaging environment to teach your puppy essential skills from an early age.

  • Introduction to Training
  • Teaching Good Behaviour
  • Socialisation Skills
  • From $195.00
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Group Obedience Classes

Our group obedience classes provide excellent socialisation opportunities and real-world training experiences, helping your dog learn essential skills in a supportive group setting.

  • Essential Everyday Skills
  • Real World Environment
  • Socialisation Skills
  • From $199.00
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Meet Abby, Our Head Dog Trainer

With years of experience in specialist dog training, Abby is dedicated to bringing out the best in every dog she works with. Her passion for canine behaviour and training shines through in her personalised approach, ensuring each dog in the south Sydney region receives the highest level of care and expertise. Abby’s commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of dog psychology makes her an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted partner for pet owners in Heathcote.


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About Heathcote Dog Training Academy

Founded in 1981, Heathcote Dog Training Academy boasts over 42 years of dog training expertise. Our academy is designed with wide open yards and specialised training environments, ensuring that your dog receives the highest quality training.

Whether you’re seeking dog training in Sutherland Shire Sydney, dog training in Sutherland Shire, or dog training in Wollongong, our experienced team is committed to bringing out the best in your furry friends.

  • Over 42 years of trusted experience
  • Personalised training approach for each dog
  • Educating the owner to continue training at home

Carolina’s Success Story

Our 2 german pointers recently spent 5 weeks at Hanrob Heathcote’s Dog Training Academy due to jealousy and aggression, and we can’t speak highly enough of the quality of training, communication and efforts made by Dimmi, Amanda and the trainers.

— Carolina

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