At Hanrob Pet Hotels, your cats are part of our family and we provide them with a home-away-from home when you can’t be there. Each of our pet hotels has a quiet, spacious cattery – purr-fect for your cat to explore and relax while you’re away. During their stay, your cat will be welcomed and cared for by our professionally trained team of pet welfare staff who are all professionally trained in companion animal care. Your cat will receive premium deaily meals (we serve Royal Canin, but if this isn’t to your cat’s taste you are welcome to leave behind your cat’s preferred food) as well as daily exercise time in our fully equipped play areas, where your cat can pounce, stretch, hide and climb to their heart’s content. At the end of their stay, you will receive a detailed report card full of information about their stay.


Each of our pet hotels has a range of comfortable cat accommodation options and our rates for cat boarding start from just $27 per day. You can choose from classic to luxury accommodation for cats. Depending on your cat’s purr-sonality, you can add extra daily play time to their stay, or choose to keep in touch by adding Staying Connected photo’s..


For first-time customers, we want to get to know your cat, so please complete the enquiry form below, or call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our Pet Experience team and reserve professional cat boarding today. Our valued current customers can book online.

Cat boarding in NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD

The next time you start planning any kind of adventure away from home, you can leave your furry friend with us. With our dedicated team of pet lovers, your cat will have a lovely time at one of our Hanrob Pet Hotels.

The following are some of the frequently asked questions that will help you learn more about the cat boarding services we provide.


Why cat boarding?


Leaving your furry friend alone at home is not really the most optimal solution while you are away. Even if we are talking about a single day, it is a much better alternative to rely on our professional staff to take care of your cat.

With our diligent approach, you can completely relax while on the road, knowing that your family member is in the safe hands of the Hanrob team.


How much does the cat boarding cost?


Cat boarding pricing will depend on the boarding package you choose. Prices start from $27 all the way up to $92. You can head over to our pricing page to see what is included with different plans. Once you explore all the options, you can opt for one that suits you best.


What happens if my cat gets sick during their stay?


It’s important that you disclose your cat’s pre-existing medical history with our team upon booking so that we can recommend our best care package.

If you have a cat with special needs, choosing special care boarding will ensure that your pet gets the best treatment possible. The most important part of this boarding package is that it includes continuous monitoring of your pet’s health condition.

If however, your pet falls ill during their stay, rest assured that every pet will benefit from our exclusive Pet Health Cover. This means, we will provide professional veterinary care and cover the expense up to $500.


Do you provide pet transport?


We collaborate with a wide range of vet partners. All you have to do is make an inquiry and choose the pick-up and drop-off location. Once you leave your cat with the designated vet, our pet taxi will pick them up and safely transport them to our facility.

Furthermore, if you are planning to relocate, we also offer relocation pet transport. Simply make a transport enquiry to learn all the details about our relocation transport services.


Why choose Hanrob Pet Hotels for cat boarding?


Cat boarding is only one of the services we provide at Hanrob. With a rich history going back to 1981, our services and expertise has grown over time. Our family-owned business works with a professional staff that loves animals. With four decades of experience, you can rest assured that your furry pet is going to get everything it needs while you are away.

In case you want to learn more about our services, feel free to reach out to us. We can’t wait to meet your furry friend and make sure it has the best stay in our pet hotel.



Cat Boarding at Hanrob Pet Hotels






Our pet hotels are conveniently located close to some of Australia’s most popular airports. Plus, with a network of more than 180 vet partners, you can drop your pet at your local vet, and we’ll transport your cat to their holiday home-away-from home in our quiet and air-conditioned pet taxis.










The Classic package is our standard accommodation. It provides the perfect place for your cat to relax. Offering best in-class space, these generously sized cat condos are equipped with bedding, blanket and climate-control comfort for all year-round stays. We offer different levels of cat scratchers to keep them occupied throughout the day and are fed premium meals daily.


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For the more pampered pet family or those staying that little bit longer, our luxury suites offer the ultimate indulgence in holiday accommodation. Luxury cat suites are avilable at our Brisbane,  Duffys Forest and Melbourne facilities.

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The utmost style and comfort your furry feline can enjoy. Indulge your cat to a private Villa experience furnished with a large bed, blanket and toys. These Villa’s offer all the comforts of home including a TV and secure access to a private courtyard. Only available at our Heathcote facility.



Special Requirements





Special requirements cat boarding





We think you’ll agree, no two pets are the same – especially when it comes to felines. They  each have their unique quirks and habits. But that’s OK, because we’re here to cater to  your pet’s special requirements – whether that means administering medication, serving  special food, or simply keeping them away from other curious cats – not everyone is sociable, after all.


All the staff interacting with your pet are trained pet welfare professionals, to ensure we can deliver the very best loving care to your cat while you – and they – are away from home.







For first-time customers, we want to get to know your cat, so please complete the enquiry form below, or call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our Pet Experience Team. Alternatively, you can choose to book online instantly.