Puppy & Kitten Pet Transport




Welcoming a new fur family member is a joyous and memorable experience, no matter the journey to your pet’s fur-ever home, Hanrob Animal Transport facilities the utmost welfare for puppy and kitten moves.


Moving a pet from their existing environment is an impactful experience, especially during early infancy between 8 – 12 weeks, where every interaction and experience is critical to their long term inherent behavioural development.


Our team of animal behavioural experts have designed these journeys to ensure that your pet experiences comfort, warmth and care that ensures a positive impact to their behavioural development.


With 40 years of experience in animal behaviour, backed by our registered training organisation, we can proudly say that we are the most trusted and safest pet transport mover in Australia. We know what is takes to make a difference to your pet’s wellbeing and our promise is your happy pet when you welcome them into their fur-ever home.










Our holistic approach to pet care ensures that all pet rehomes are performed by experienced welfare staff who are qualified to handle delicate moves during infancy.


We ensure that all pet’s whilst in transit to their fur-ever home enjoy the unique experience at our airport pet terminals. Your pet will have access to spacious and private accommodation; time to relax, play and explore our indoor and outdoor interactive play yards; nurture, cuddles and attention from pet loving people and much needed play with companion fur-friends of the same temperament and age.


Our full-circle approach ensures that welcoming your pet to their final destination is hassle-free for both pet parent and pet. Our expert pet travel consultants communicate and coordinate with all relevant parties on your behalf to ensure:


  • Coordination with the breeder or pet agent to prepare your pet for travel.
  • Providing expert advise on recommended travel options for your pet.
  • Tailoring a travel plan around your preferred travel dates and mode of transportation.
  • Crafting a personalised travel itinerary.
  • Coordinating your pet’s accommodation and activities at our airport pet terminal lounge.
  • Organising comfort stops during transit via road and prior to boarding flights.
  • Providing advise and coordinating your pet’s crate for purchase or hire.
  • Door-to-door transport to your pet’s final destination.
  • Advising on best practice care services.










We look forward to hearing about your transport requirements and personalising a quote specifically for your needs. To enquire further about our animal transport service, please select one of the following options that suits your needs:

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Transport Reservation Hotline: 1300 738 468

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