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Safely Transporting Puppies and Kittens across AUS




With over 40 years experience, Hanrob transport is Australia’s leading pet transport provider. We understand the importance of professional care, pet comfort and safety, and we know what is takes to transport puppies and kittens safely and securely to their fur-ever homes.


Welcoming a new fur family member is a joyous and memorable experience, which is why we ensure that we keep you updated at every step of your pets journey. With state of the art transport vehicles, your new friend will be travelling in style and comfort on road, or will be safely transported by air for those longer journeys. No matter the journey to your new pet’s fur-ever home, Hanrob Pet Transport will tailor the experience for each pet and will ensure the utmost welfare for puppy and kittens, while also minimising their time in crates.




AIRPORT PET LOUNGES: We ensure that all pet’s whilst in transit to their fur-ever home enjoy the unique experience at our airport pet terminals, where your pet will have access to private accommodation; time to relax, play and explore our indoor and outdoor interactive play yards; nurture, cuddles and attention from pet loving people and much needed play with companion fur-friends of the same temperament and age. This is the Hanrob difference that makes our pet transport uniquely different and superior.


SUPERIOR PET COMFORT: Modern transport vehicles fully climate controlled and monitored; transit lounges at airports and regions for pets to exercise, toilet and relax; professional trained drivers and careers to ensure pets receive premium care; with a fully integrated service to manage delays or travel disruptions.


ADVANCED CUSTOMER CARE: Realtime communication so customers are fully informed of their pet’s journey every step of the way; dedicated personalised booking service; and pet concierge team to understand and manage all pet’s needs.


ONGOING CARE: With Hanrob’s wide variety of services, we also offer post pet delivery after-care program, which provides valuable information and discounted services to assist owners and pets settling into their new environment.




Why hire a specialist for puppy and kitten transport?


No matter how far away you’re moving or where you’re planning on visiting for a holiday, it is important to hire a professional pet transport company, especially for younger pets. Moving can be a stressful experience for humans and pets alike, but both puppies and kittens are very vulnerable for the first 8-12 weeks of their lives. They’re much less equipped to handle stress than older pets. Given their vulnerability, it’s wise to hire a company that can move them from point A to point B as comfortably and quickly as possible.


What to look for in a pet transport company


When selecting a kitten or puppy transport company, there are a few qualities and features you should look out for, some of which include:

  • Experience — Puppies and kittens require even more careful handling than adult pets. That’s why you should choose a transport company with decades of experience that knows how to transport newborn puppies and kittens safely and professionally.
  • Full service offerings — The best kitten and puppy transport companies offer a diverse range of services to accommodate you, including daycare, door-to-door delivery and more.
  • Custom care support — No puppy or kitten is exactly alike. That’s why you should opt for a pet transport service that’s able to craft a personalised travel itinerary that suits you, your pet and your schedule.


Have any questions? Contact us


If you have any questions about kitten or puppy transport costs, our doggy daycare or anything else, please feel free to contact us. You can get in touch with our team by calling 1300 426 762 or completing our transport enquiry form. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect kitten or puppy transport company for your requirements.




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