Pet Relocation for Defence

Hanrob works with the Defence community to assist with Pet relocation

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Hanrob’s Pet Travel Experts work with the Defence community to assist with the relocation process and entitlements for defence families. Whether you are the Australian Air Force, Army or Navy, we provide special care in handling all your pet relocation needs, including pet accommodation and door-to-door service if you require!


At Hanrob, we are dedicated to provide a smooth and unbeatable pet travel experience to our respected defence workers, and are passionate to provide the love and care your pet deserves while they are in our care.


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With 40 years’ of experience in pet transport we understand the importance of professional care, pet comfort, and safety. We provide both road transport from our superior vehicle fleet, and air travel for long-distance journeys, which is fully managed within our Hanrob network. As Hanrob is Australia’s leading pet-care provider, our many facilities across Australia are the perfect place for your pet to run and play, which is why every pet who travels with Hanrob gets to explore our spacious yards either during their travel, or before and after their flight. Ensuring that your pet has a positive and unbeatable travel experience.

Our Defence Travel

Hanrob are dedicated to assisting defence families with their pet relocation and ensure that our whole pet transport experience is as easy as possible to save any stress for you, and your pet.


  • Tailored journeys to suit you
  • Comfortable and climate controlled vans and planes
  • Regular SMS updates
  • Play stops at our Hanrob facilities
  • Luxury Pet Accommodation options
  • Skilled and Caring staff

Our Hanrob facilities

Unlike other Transport companies, Hanrob has an extensive network of facilities across Australia, which allows us to offer our defence families luxury pet accommodation during their travel. Plus, with our spacious play yards we also allow your pet to exercise, explore, and play before they embark on their travel adventure, ensuring your pet has a relaxing and positive travel experience.


  • Luxury Pet Accommodation
  • Playtime in our Hanrob yards

Defence Pets Benefits - PACMAN

Through the PACMAN initiative, A defence member is eligible to have their costs of pet relocation covered if the CDF is satisfied that the costs are reasonable.

Benefits can be paid either before the pet is relocated, if the member provides a quote or invoice from their pet transport provider. Or it can be paid after the pet is relocated by reimbursing the member based on the receipt for services provided.

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