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They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but do you really know what it takes to be their owner? Some people have the misconception of “oh they’re just furry children”, but in truth, every puppy needs different things from their family.


Balancing work and life can seem impossible for any person let alone when transitioning into pet ownership, not only are humans struggling to find balance with new responsibilities, but dogs struggle as well! A bored pup will resort to destructive behaviours like digging up your garden or chewing on furniture which could lead them down a dark path such as biting because they need attention… So don’t take this journey lightly: make sure you spend time training and playing with your new fur-family member.



What is Puppy Play N’ Train?


For any dog owner looking to fulfil every aspect of their furry friend’s life – there are few better programs than ‘Puppy Play N’ Train.’ We offer structured environments, varied experiences from smells to sights – even sounds.


Puppy Play N’ Train is a puppy school program to keep your pup happy and behaving well by providing a perfect balance of physical and mental stimulation every day. For puppies, this means they need plenty of exercise so that their energy goes elsewhere than into tearing up your home.


It’s important to teach your pup some basic manners before they’re too old. Sitting is a good one, but so are walking politely on lead with you and staying close when indoors or outside! And as soon as they can learn these basic behaviours, even very young puppies will pick them up easily because every session in this course has been designed for their best interests: the reward system makes learning fun, and we keep sessions short-and-sweet to avoid exertion or disengagement.


Puppies need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation; our program provides them with a day filled with enrichment, plenty of puppy socialisation, and of course training. Our training approach incorporates the basic foundation skills each pup needs to learn, especially within the first 18 weeks of life.






How Puppy Play N’ Train Works


You’ll drop your pup off in the morning at one of our facilities, they’ll enjoy a full day with us, and at the end of the day you’ll pick up your pup from the same location. We also accommodate a pick-up and drop off service for locals so please enquire about our hassle-free pet taxi service.


What’s Included:

  • Puppy socialisation classes – Socialisation with puppies of a similar age supervised by our training staff – this will be conducted multiple times throughout the day.
  • 30-minute training session with one of our trainers – our main focus will be basic obedience and manners; however, if you have any concerns that you would like us to address, feel free to let us know.
  • Rest time – a break in the middle of the day to have a nap, lunch or have some food enrichment. Pups will have access to their own accommodation in our pet hotel during the rest period.
  • Environmental Socialisation – during our training sessions and time with your puppy, we will add in environmental socialisation and introduce them to different aspects of the human world (traffic, loud noises).
  • Cognitive Skills – Interactive games that will have your pup mentally stimulated and working on their problem-solving skills. These games are great for tactile stimulation while still challenging mental agility, as well as their observation skills.


Program Cycle


The course is staggered across 5 weeks, providing your pup with 2 full days of the program per week; every Tuesday and Thursday. A total of 10 sessions are included in this course.


Over the course of the five-week period, you will see gradual improvements in your pup’s behaviour. We will encourage you to practice what we teach and maintain the rhythm in between sessions as part of homework exercises. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with all the resources.


Puppy behaviour and socialisation training is a part of responsible pet ownership and doesn’t merely end after the 10 sessions. To ensure your pup receives the ongoing mental and physical stimulation they require, we encourage the transition to our daycare program with periodic top-up daycare training. To maintain ongoing results, we recommend at least 3 daycare sessions per week for your pup or as many as fit your schedule.


Our facilities


Puppy Play N’Train is offered at our Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra facilities, which all have secure access to interactive off-leash play-yards, for wet weather days, dogs can enjoy our secure indoor play facility. For more information about each specific facility please visit our locations page.



Our trainers


Our pet welfare team are experts and highly qualified to manage dog training during the delicate infancy periods of your dog’s critical development years. We have a full team of qualified dog trainers and pet welfare attendants who are experts in handling all breeds.


Not only are our staff trained, but also certified in many aspects of dog training to address common training problems, but also more complex behavioural and obedience training. As well as being highly qualified as professional dog trainers, all staff at Hanrob are passionate pet lovers! To find out more about our trainers, read their profiles and backgrounds here.



When can I enrol my pup?


The perfect time is right NOW!


With ongoing disruptions to our daily lifestyle and coming in and out of lockdowns, your pup can benefit from a consistent routine to provide them daily structure. Ultimately, all dog’s crave structure and it prepares them for all of life’s unexpected situations. Fortunately, Hanrob is an essential service provider, so your pet can benefit from daily enrichment, socialisation and training to ensure they are left better off from any pandemic effects. As pet’s can’t process our current climate, it’s critical as an owner to prioritise their needs now in order to minimise any long-term behavioural implications that may arise in future.


Let us help you maintain a balanced daily lifestyle for your pup with Puppy Play N’ Train.



Puppy Play N’ Train Pricing


For your pet’s daily enrichment, socialisation, and training in Puppy Play N’ Train, we charge $70 per day. Puppy Play N’ Train is packaged as a 10-session program, which is priced at $700.








We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you and your pup. Get in contact to learn more about our courses on 1300 426 762 or submit a quick enquiry below.

Puppy Play N’Train – Puppy School & Socialisation Program