Dog Training Classes

Real World Training for Dog's and Puppies!




Dog Training classes are a fantastic way to practice and learn new skills with your canine companion whilst being in a controlled environment that can vary the level of difficulty dependent on your dogs ability. We focus on teaching handler engagement and focus to be able to cope with real world distractions to ensure your dog is equipped with the skills they need to be an obedient, and well-mannered member of society.



Hanrob offers five different levels of group classes beginning with puppy preschool up to advanced obedience. Participating in these classes will ultimately give you the ultimate canine companion. Each group level runs for five weeks and at the end of those five classes dogs are assessed to see if they are ready to move up to the next level. We want all dogs and owners to move at their own pace. Dogs can repeat a level as many times as required, we will not move a dog up until confident that they will succeed.


Our beginner levels are designed to teach the basics of dog training including learning to sit, drop, stand, stay, loose leash walking, coming when called, greeting people nicely, and working on focus and impulse control. As we move up the levels, we add more distractions, duration and distance and begin to work on behaviours off lead creating reliable commands in all situations. Who wouldn’t want a dog that is not only a great family pet but a great community dog that you can show off to all your friends?







Puppy preschool is for puppies aged between 8 and 18 weeks old. Our puppy classes are designed to build strong, confident puppies. We do an introduction to basic obedience, but we focus mainly on socialisation with people and dogs as well as environmental socialisation. We show you how to implement boundaries and work on puppy management techniques as well as address all those common puppy problems including digging, jumping, biting and toilet training.










During Kindergarten we focus on building strong foundations for obedience. We will start to teach your dog the basics of sit, drop, leash manners, loose leash walking, and recall. Most dogs start their Training journey here.










Now that we know how to successfully reward our dogs and to teach behaviours, we teach the commands: sit, drop, stand, stay, heel, look, leave it, and recall training. During beginner’s obedience we are simply teaching the behaviours and learning to keep our dogs engaged with us which means keeping distractions at a minimum. (Continuous reinforcement)










Intermediate obedience incorporates the same commands, plus a few new ones including sit, drop, stand, stay, heel, leave it, recall, middle and front. Throughout intermediate obedience most commands will still be taught on lead, but we will start to ask more from our dogs by adding in distractions and distance. Will also begin to fade out lures and hand ques and start focusing on just verbal commands.  (Start intermittent reinforcement schedule)










Our top level for our group classes. In our advanced obedience classes, we still focus on the same commands from intermediate but most work will now be done off lead and we will be teaching our dogs to stay in commands (adding duration) and will increase distractions and distance further. By this point we would also have faded out lures and hand ques and expect dogs to respond to just verbal commands. (Intermittent reinforcement)











If you are unsure if your dog is suitable for a class, please contact us prior to booking so we can ensure the best option for you! While group classes may not be the best option for your dog, Hanrob offers a range of different training services including stay and train programs and private lessons where we can work on these issues.



For first-time customers, we want to get to know your dog, so please complete the enquiry form below, or call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our Pet Experience Team. Alternatively, our valued current customers can choose to book online.