Dog Daycare Canberra

Keep your furry friend entertained at Hanrob Canberra!


Dog daycare Canberra


When you bring your dog to Hanrob dog daycare in Canberra, you’ll discover how above and beyond we go to make sure your dogs experience is as enriching as possible. Our outdoor and spacious yards are full of accessories such as doggy play equipment, doggy pools, and of course many toys! Our caring and experienced staff will ensure your dog is entertained throughout their stay and that they are socialising and making friends with the daycare crew!


With hundreds of amazing reviews, and lots of regular daycare doggies, Hanrob Canberra is one of our top performing daycare facilities for good reason! Contact us today to lock your dog in! Plus, Check out our social media for more Daycare content… @hanrob_canberra




There’s no doubt your pup will enjoy their day at our dog daycare. From the moment they check in, your dog will be welcomed by our friendly and professionally trained team. They will be paired with similar dogs, in terms of size, temperament and behaviour, to ensure they get the most from their social play time in our grassy outdoor and secure indoor play areas. During their day, your dog will have plenty of interaction with both our staff and other dogs, and will have access to our extra services such as training, canine exercise classes and grooming, should you desire.
– Casual day $60
– Daycare 10 pack is $540 ($54-Visit)
– Play and train Adult (10 sessions) $900
– Play and train Puppy (10 sessions) $800
– Daycare training $54 a session
– VIP 5 days a week paid fortnightly $737 ($34-Visit)
– VIP 4 days a week paid fortnightly $646 ($37-Visit)
– VIP 3 days a week paid fortnightly $548 ($42-Visit)
– VIP 2 days a week paid fortnightly $407 ($47-Visit)


“I would highly recommend Hanrob Canberra. We have used them for Doggy Daycare for our energetic English bull terrier since he was about 8 months old (he’s now 2.5yo) and our experience has been excellent. The staff are always friendly and helpful and really seem to care about the dogs. Our dog is always excited to go, comes home tired (usually sleeps most of the next day) and his manners with other dogs have definitely improved over his time with Hanrob.

There is always a range of dog breeds and sizes there and the staff group them into smaller play packs not just by size but also by temperament. The cost is quite reasonable and was cheaper than the other Doggy Daycares we looked into when we started, they are also flexible with what days you can bring your dog in and don’t lock you into contracts or fixed terms which is a great bonus.

Although we haven’t had the opportunity to use the boarding kennel here yet, I would happily send my dog here for boarding when we travel next based on the care the staff have shown for the dogs.”

- Brandon Wheatley

“We have our little pup Luna in twice a week. The staff are always excited to see her, and know all the dogs by name which is impressive!
Luna is always happy to see her new friends, and comes home happy but sleepy from a big day.
Very happy sending our little pup there, 5 stars.”

- Keely Locke

“Simply the best!!!! Love everything about you guys and all the great work you do. Our puppies came back happy clean and fitter than before!!!!!”

- Tristen H

“Our fur baby attends doggy day care with Hanrob Canberra, so it made sense to put her into their care when we went away. The team are fantastic and some of our girl’s favourite humans. It’s really become her home away from home. We have no hesitation in recommending them.”

- Michelle Chant