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Unleash the Best in your Dog with Our Dog Boarding and Training Program

Indulge your canine companion in the pinnacle of personalised care with our renowned Dog Board and Train Program – the epitome of excellence in dog training and boarding. 

Tailored to bring out the very best in your furry friend, this program combines the comforts of dog boarding with daily training activities expertly designed to address and overcome behavioural issues. Your dog will enjoy cosy accommodations and an immersive training experience that caters specifically to their unique needs.

Our Dog Board and Train Program is not just a stay – it’s a transformative journey that ensures your pup returns home with refined obedience and enhanced social skills. 

Choose from a variety of stay lengths, starting from a comprehensive 14-day immersion, as we embark on a mission to unleash the full potential of your cherished companion.




Training Core Modules

Every dog that joins a stay and train program will receive foundation training including:

  • General basic obedience – sit, down, wait
  • Name recognition conditioning – assists towards reliable recall and response
  • General manners around dogs and people – management of jumping, gate/ door manners 
  • Close handling skills – management of mouthing, vet checks, desensitise to physical handling checks
  • Behaviour markers – conditioning Yes to mark and reward a behavioural response.
  • Structured play – burn off energy, provide an alternative reward system. Assists with impulse control, genetic fulfilment and motivation and handler engagement
  • Environmental exposure and confidence building activities – assists with dogs that may be experiencing a fear period or lacking general confidence in new environments or situations. 

Training Electives

Choosing an elective will provide the area of focus your trainer will work towards during the program. 

  • Loose Leash Walking foundations
  • Recall foundations 
  • Leave it foundations
  • Basic trick foundations
  • Stay Foundations
  • Place/ Matt Foundations
  • Retrieving foundations
  • Crate Training 
  • Leash Reactivity / Frustration 
  • Environmental instability 
  • Confidence with new people 
  • Advancing obedience skills 
  • Co-operative care

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