Dog Day Care Cost


Leaving your pets at home unattended can be stressful for both you and them. We love knowing that our pooches are taken care of while we have to be away but, like anything in life, doggy daycare comes at a cost. Though dog daycares can vary widely between businesses, you often get what you pay for, so when evaluating your dog daycare cost, you should consider what comes with the price you pay.


The Facilities


Every dog hotel or daycare facility will have a dedicated space where visiting pets are cared for throughout the day. Some less expensive services might be backyard-only, while others that are higher in price will offer indoor and outdoor facilities for your furry friends.


When researching your dog daycare provider’s facilities, the most important factor is cleanliness. It is important to ensure that the area is cleaned regularly and hygienically. Infections and illnesses can spread between dogs if there are many canines in one location, so cleanliness ensures your pet goes into a hygienic environment that protects them.


The services


Dog daycare costs are impacted by the services available to your pet at your chosen facility. Though you may choose to select daycare services only, there is usually a range of additional services that you can opt for that might increase the price tag.




If you’re only utilising daycare services once a week or less frequently, combining your doggy daycare day with a spa day could be a convenient and time-saving solution for you.


Our daycare facilities offer a wide range of dog grooming services, from a simple wash to a full groom with de-shedding, nail clipping, ear cleaning and more. Though dog grooming will increase your dog daycare cost, it will also see your furry friend returning home looking better than ever.




Having your pet trained is not only a matter of safety but will make home life with your pets easier. Professional dog trainers can provide training during your dog’s daycare session to help you have an obedient pet.


At Hanrob, we offer a wonderful Play n’ Train program where your pooch can receive the training they need in a social environment and have fun at the same time. The immersion your dog will experience with training in a social atmosphere will ensure that they don’t become over-excited in new and unfamiliar situations when other dogs are around.


The staff


As with most things in life, you get what you pay for — ensuring that your dog is taken care of safely and professionally comes down to the team employed by the facility you choose. Though the dog daycare cost might be higher in some places, this usually means that the facility has more professional and qualified staff to take care of your precious pooches.


Dedicated daycare facilities, like those at the Hanrob Pet Hotels you will find around Australia, place great weight on the qualifications and professionalism of our team members so we can ensure that your pet has the best daycare services.


Qualified dog carers will ensure that your pet is placed in the right grouping, which will work to keep your dog safe, even if they experience some stress in larger animal groups or suffer from anxiety in social situations.


What you should expect to pay for dog daycare at Hanrob


When it comes to our animals, no price is too high to ensure their happiness and well-being. Dog daycare is important for your pets to ensure they are well-socialised and can help alleviate boredom and potentially damaging behaviour patterns that can begin to form if they are left alone too often.


If you are considering dog daycare, we offer a range of monthly VIP packages that you can choose from. For those who only need daycare services occasionally, you can purchase multi-day passes that can be used when you need them.


Dog daycare costs can range from $29 to $50 a day with Hanrob Pet Hotels, depending on the frequency of your visits and the number of dogs you have. Contact us today to discuss how dog daycare could benefit your furry friend.