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Emergency Management

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Each and every organisation must comply with State based legislation that includes requirements for emergency prevention and planning. The compliance with this legislation is a legal requirement and failing to do so may result in legal ramifications incorporating severe penalties.​


Whilst not legally binding, The Australian Standard AS 3745 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities is produced by Standards Australia and is widely accepted throughout industry as the benchmark when it comes to implementing emergency procedures and training within an organisation.​


​The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) lists the members of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) as well as other necessary contact information. Records of Emergency Training and Emergency Response Training are also kept in the Emergency Plan, along with Review and Maintenance logs. Specific Emergency Response Procedures for situations that may eventuate in your workplace are also documented within the Emergency Management Plan.​


​Pet Professionals Australia develops Emergency Response Procedures that include plans for situations specific to your workplace such as Flood Evacuation Plans, Bushfire Evacuation Plans, Animal Disease Plans and Hazardous Material Spill Procedures. In addition to developing the plans, we provide information on customer and community communication and undertake on-site practical training and assessments for all stakeholders throughout the organisation. Individual facilities will have different requirements for procedures.​


​We thoroughly assess your facility so that we can develop and deliver high-quality Emergency Management Plan and Procedures that are specific to your requirements. We develop Emergency Plans and Procedures for any facility in the animal industry.




  • Definitions of emergencies​
  • Monitoring the risks​
  • Natural Emergencies​
  • Planning for emergencies​
  • Preparation throughout the year​
  • Storm/Flood Events​
  • What does disaster look like​
  • When are high risk incidents likely to occur​
  • Animal Disease Events​
  • Response plans​
  • Preparing for emergencies​
  • Liaison with local agencies and authorities​
  • Ongoing stakeholder training​
  • Extreme Temperatures (Summer Checklist)​
  • Customer and Community Communication​

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