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Hanrob Brisbane offers the perfect puppy program, to start your pups training journey. For only $175, our puppy class will not only start teaching your pup the basics of training obedience and socialisation skills, but will also help introduce your puppy to new environmental situations. The puppy class was designed by dog training professionals to ensure that your new pup receives the best possible training for their age, and allows them to learn in a real world environment, to acheive the best results. The early months of your puppies life are crucial to their learning, which is why Puppy school is designed to coincide with your puppy’s critical development periods, between 16 and 30 weeks of age.

Fun for puppies

Real world training

Affordable program

Your puppies first training experience!

What is the Puppy Class?

A group training class with special attention given to socialising puppies to a broad range of experiences, as well as focusing on general obedience through engaging puppies in a fun and positive way.


  • Socialisation
  • Obedience
  • Fun

Why Puppy School?

Puppy school will bring out the best in your Pup! With short splashes of Training followed by socialisation and play, your pup will stay focused and will have fun while learning. Not only will this program be be an experience for both you and your dog, but it will also be your puppies first steps towards an obedient dog.

How does the class work?

The Puppy class is $175 and will start on the 23rd of October and will run for 5 weeks at Hanrob Brisbane. You and your puppy will attend class once a week, where each puppy and parent will focus on new training areas each week. Puppies will also get time to play and socialise during each session.


  • Price: $175
  • Location: Hanrob Brisbane
  • When: 23rd October start

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